Our Process

Our process consist of six phases, designed to guide the Client through the project from start to finish.

Discovery Phase

Planning and research are the most important part of any project. We will gather vital information necessary to ensure a seamless process.
Information Gathering
The process begins with a client interview and/or questionnaire. We will work with you an your team to define the objectives and goals for the project.
Scope of Work

The information gathered is used to define a description of work. The scope of work defines the requirements for the design and development of the project.

Site Structure Phase


A site-map will be created, consisting of all of the pages within your site. The site-map will help create an effective content hierarchy.

Content & Images

We will work with you to set time-lines for deliverables.

Design Phase

Our design team will create a cutting-edge design based on our discussions.

Development Phase

When the design is completed, the development phase will bring the site to life.

Testing Phase

Quality Assurance

After the development phase, we will extensively test the features of the website.


After rigorously testing the website for bugs, we will launch the site.


Our content management systems allow our Clients to manage their content and media. Maintenance plans are available in the event that a Client would prefer us to manage their site post-launch.

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