Graphic and Print Design

We offer custom design services for anything web-related: website designs, logos, banners, ads, and much more. Our comprehensive design services include print design: business cards, flyers, posters, and various marketing materials. Contact us today for a quote on our custom web, and print design services. 

Custom Design Process

Our custom design process starts with a discovery meeting to gather information about your company, brand, industry, and competition. During the meeting, a variety of topics will be discussed, such as: general consumer/client expectations, usage trends, demographics, and more. Understanding specific demographics, such as age, location, and gender, will be discussed to maximize the efficiency of your targeted marketing efforts. 


We will research over 50 of the best looking, functioning, and revenue generating websites, business identities, and other resource material relevant to your industry. From the researched companies, 5-10 will remain as “key influences” to the look and function of your website, SEO campaign, and brand identity.

Identify Popular Design Trends and Genre

We will identify and present our results for identifying popular design trends and styles utilizing the information gathered in the research materials. This is done in an effort to further understand and address the demands of your target audience, identify trends, eliminate any biases, and provide a high-powered results-driven solution. You will be presented with a descriptive analysis of each visual element that you can consider for use in your website.

1-3 Design Concepts

During our initial web design process, we may go through as many as 10-20 concepts before we find the top (3) concepts that we will present to you for review. All designer concepts will be passed through our Art Director for approval, and will be narrowed down from the list of submitted samples.
Color sampling from 5-10 resources
We will sample the colors from 5-10 selected resources. These will be in the form of websites, other company logos, print materials, and so on. We will create a selection of color combinations for you to consider from the samples collected.

Font Selections

Includes up to (10) preliminary font selections based on the font type (serif, sans serif, etc) and the style of the font, and how they both contribute to one another and reflect the ideals of the company. Web design concepts will utilize these font choices to add variety and creative inspiration to the mix in an effort to maximize brand recognition and reception.

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